Evoz Baby Monitor App for iPad, Most Expensive Solution Yet

Ever get tired of all those iOS devices like the old iPhones, iPod Touch generations 1 through infinity, iPads 1 and 2, and more? Ever think, gosh, what am I going to do with all these things, play some games on them? Here's your solution – use them as baby monitors! That's right, don't spend $40 on a baby monitor solution from Target, what a waste! Instead grab the Evoz baby monitor app for your iOS devices and turn one of them into the monitor and the other into the receiver! What a brilliant use of these otherwise totally unused products – joy!

Of course you'll need to be aware of the fact that your iPhone could drop a signal, your connection is based on your Wi-Fi network if you're working with an iPod of any kind, and if you put an iPad in the crib with your baby you're just asking for trouble. On the other hand, if you've got a few iDevices and you're in the market for a baby monitor and you KNOW you'll never use it again after you've purchased it and used it for a few short months, this may be the solution for you. It's the folks worried about radiation coming from smartphones who aren't going to want to use this solution, right? These same people also don't own iPhones, correct?

Now when you actually own this app and two iDevices, you'll be dealing with an extremely simple to operate interface able to give you options up the wazoo. Make no mistake, once you get down to brass tacks, you're no longer dealing with a $40 Target baby monitor here, you've got pro options. You've got a log-in system, the ability to do things like tell the monitor to wait between 30 seconds and 8 minutes before it notifies you that your baby is crying, and of course can let you just listen in to every little sound, if that's your preference.

Alters include emails, text messages, rings, and the ability to add several people to your system. That means that if you've got a few people in the house and all of them are using iPhones, you could potentially have this system send them all an alert if, say, your baby is exploding.

Once you've got yourself addicted to using this system, you'll also have another option to improve down the line. This fall the folks at Evoz will be releasing a monitor that'll run you back $120. That means you'll only need one iOS device to keep your baby monitored, and in the future you'll need ZERO iOS devices because there'll be a web option as well. Of course all of this works with your Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, or whatever other G connection you've got in your home (or outside the home, if you're using it that way,) so keep that in mind, you watchers of babies.

This application is available for download right this minute from the iTunes App Store: go grab it now, and get addicted to iOS baby safekeeping! Download the app today for free!