Evolve Big Alpha: PS4 edition down for the count

Those of you with an Xbox One or PC are in luck if you love the idea of hunting down massive monsters with your best buddies – the Evolve Big Alpha has begun! Those of you wishing to play on a PlayStation 4, well, there's not too much good news to be had. Following a recent PlayStation 4 2.00 firmware update to the Big Alpha, Evolve has come down with a cold, of sorts. Until further notice, Evolve's Big Alpha will not be playable on the PS4.

A reminder is also important at this point that this is a CLOSED Alpha. It's not necessarily guaranteed for everyone, and the reason it actually exists – besides promoting its eventual release – is to test out breaks like the one that persists on PS4 today.

Difficulties popped up, and both the Sony PlayStation people and the 2K people are working hard to develop a resolution for the near future. PC players and Xbox One players will be able to play as normal.

Everyone NOT on a PlayStation 4 can use the Registration Code: 05379-29749-32069 and the Referral Code: EvolveBigAlpha4v1 at the Evolve Game Alpha page and fill out all forms. You shall come away with a download that will work instantly. Go forth and team up!