Evernote v2.0 for Android arrives: offline notes, UI update & more

Evernote has pushed out v2.0 of their Android app, complete with a much improved UI, improved search interface, offline note storage and general speed improvements. Evernote 2.0 for Android now caches notes on your Android phone itself, meaning you can browse through them without needing a data connection; if you're an Evernote Premium subscriber, you can even select which notebooks are offline-sync'd.

There are also new sorting options for notes, with different grouping options and a persistent header bar that allows you to jump between sections rather than always returning to the homescreen. Meanwhile Android's native search functionality – on Eclair or Froyo – can now index through Evernote content.

The app also improves note-creation, with the ability to attach multiple images, PDFs or audio files to a single note, a new audio recording button on each note for taking typed and recorded notes at the same time, and integration with Android's native sharing feature (which automatically creates a new note with whatever is shared). You can now save the app to your SD card, too. Considering Evernote accounts are free – as is the mobile app – this is all very welcome stuff.

[via Android Community]