Evernote custom reminders finally arrive on Android

Craig Lloyd - Jun 6, 2013
Evernote custom reminders finally arrive on Android

Two weeks ago, Evernote launched reminders on iOS, OS X, and the web, embarrassingly leaving out Android. However, the company has finally brought these handy reminders to Google’s platform, allowing users to set deadlines on certain tasks and to-dos. Furthermore, any reminders you set on Android will sync across all other platforms.

The reminders in Evernote work the same way in Android as they do in other versions on different platforms. All you have to do is open up a note that you created, and tap on the alarm clock icon in the lower-left corner. From there, you can set a reminder, clear it, or mark it as complete.

The interface for setting a reminder/alert is really interesting. Instead of cycling through times and dates in number boxes, the Evernote Android app using a slider for the time, and a rotary dialer of sorts for setting the date. You can also view all of your notes that have reminders and tap and hold on them to edit the date of the reminder and such.

When you get a reminder, it’ll obviously pop up in your notification tray, where you can tap “Done” right from the notifications to clear it off of your to-do list. The to-do list abilities of Evernote may not be up to par with users who rely on other apps like Any.DO, but we see this as a logical step for Evernote toward gaining similar functionality.

As for other updates in the Android version, there’s improved copy and paste support in note view, as well as a few bug fixes such as correcting the photo order in multi-shot camera mode. Evernote also improved shortcut functionality and Japanese support. We’re not seeing the update yet in the Google Play store, but it should be hitting at some point today for everyone.

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