Evernote clarifies top plan's 'unlimited' storage: 10GB per month

In April, Evernote introduced updated plans in the form of Plus and Premium, both of which come with a subscription fee and features commensurate with what each plan offers. The premium feature is targeted at Evernote power users — those who use it frequently, likely daily, and need ample space to do so. As such, Evernote announced that the premium plan offers "unlimited" storage, but users soon discovered that, as with buffets and mobile plans, there's still a limit — the company just didn't anticipate you'd manage to hit it.

In a statement today, Evernote said that "unlimited is such a powerful term that it ended up both confusing and problematic." The problem, in this case, is that premium users took "unlimited" to mean that they were free to upload a large amount of content, essentially using Evernote as a mass file storage and backup service...which it most definitely isn't.

Evernote has never billed itself as a storage service, and in a statement it said, "we're your second brain, not your second hard drive." When premium users, newly unshackled from the previous limits, began massively uploading content, all users suffered as a result when the service began to degrade.

Because of this, Evernote has done away with the "unlimited" verbiage and instead announced a monthly data cap that it says is "well beyond the needs of 99.999% of our current user base" — 10GB/month. In the future as file sizes increase, Evernote says it will keep step by increasing its own limits. But for now you're limited to 120GB a year/10GB a month, and even if you're a power user, that's likely to be more than enough.

If you're not happy with the data cap, Evernote says it will refund your subscription.

SOURCE: Evernote