Evena Eye-On smart medical glasses make skin transparent

Evena Medical is the maker of a medical device that allows nurses and doctors to view the veins beneath one's skin, with the original device it created having been deployed a while ago and involving the movement of a large contraption. Because of the device's size, it both made the act of giving and IV easier and more cumbersome, something the company's latest invention should fix. The Evena Eye-On smart glasses offer the same skin-penetrating view, but are entirely portable.

The original device had a swing-out armature with a display that showed the patient's veins, which you can see in the image below. The portable glasses provide much the same visual, but as a wearable device that is akin to Google Glass and other similar devices. The use of glasses makes use of the technology within clinics and hospitals easier, not to mention removing the hassle of transporting the unit around.

It is interesting watching the glasses in action, since they are able to visualize the movement of blood in real-time, which is demonstrated in the video below. The technology on board comes from Epson's Moverio smart glasses technology, and is accompanied by some other tech, among them being storage in the glasses that allows a patients unique vein patterns to be stored.

The glasses also have integrated WiFi connectivity, though Evena calls it "telemedicine" capabilities, which may or may not be quite the same. Regardless, the connectivity tech allows images to be shared. The device is slated to start shipping in Q1 of next year, so hopefully the days of vein-hunting are nearly behind us.

VIA: Digital Trends