Even Microsoft is rumored to have a large tablet coming

If the 12-inch Surface Pro 3 isn't big enough for you, worry not. Rumors are now pointing to the possibility that Microsoft might unveil a variety of Surface Pro 4 hybrids in October, with models differing not only in internal specs like before. This time, there might also be differences in sizes, with 13- and 14- inch variants said to also be available. This makes Microsoft just one of the latest big names to join the growing list of device makers trying to revitalize the tablet market by stretching their sizes further.

The late Steve Jobs might be turning in his grave because of this, so it is somewhat ironic that Apple might be the source of "inspiration" for these latest rumors. There has already been some talk for quite a few years now that OEMs are starting to consider bigger tablets because phablets have started to cannibalize the smaller tablet market. However, only Samsung has responded positively with its 12.2 inch Galaxy Note PRO and Galaxy Tab PRO. Now Samsung is rumored to be eyeing an even larger 18-inch size.

Amazon was also rumored to be planning a large Fire tablet, 12 inches this time. That, however, might now only be a remote possibility due to the retail giant adopting a more conservative approach to creating dubiously profitable consumer devices.

Apple's supposed reason for a larger iPad Pro is to woo enterprise customers. But that hasn't exactly been a problem for Microsoft, so this new rumor might be a bit perplexing. A 13 or 14 inch Surface Pro 4 would take the line dangerously close to regular laptop size. And to some extent, that might be intentional. Microsoft has always pitted its Surface Pro line against MacBooks, and these new sizes will definitely heat things up even more.

But if that happens, Microsoft can no longer call the Surface Pro 4 a "tablet that can replace your laptop" because it will practically be a laptop already.