Even iOS's Siri is in on the Pokemon Go trend

While not quite everyone in the world has access to access to play Pokemon Go just yet, it's still quickly become one of the most downloaded apps of all time on iOS, and continues to rake in the money from purchases. There's no doubt it's the game of summer, and maybe even of 2016. It makes sense then that Siri, Apple's virtual assistant on iOS, even has knowledge of Pokemon Go, as it's been discovered that it will make a number of humorous responses when asked about the game.

iPhone users can ask Siri "Do you like Pokemon Go?" or other variations like "Siri, what's your favorite Pokemon?" and "Do you play Pokemon Go?" While just about every other request will result in the assistant simply launching the Pokemon Go app, the other times it will give one of a variety of answers, each highlighting knowledge of the game.

For example, asking Siri if it likes Pokemon Go will result in "I like pocket monsters. Pocket assistants, too," "Oh, is that why everyone keeps asking what color a Geodude is?", "Pok├ęStop!", and "Just make sure to look both ways. And up and down, too."

While asking what its favorite Pokemon is can get the response "Snorlax. Zzzz. Sorry, what was the question?" and my favorite "That yellow species with an electrostatic tail of variable angles is rather cute."

But what's also cool is that Siri can actually answer questions about specific Pokemon due to its ability to pull data from Wolfram Alpha. For example, asking about a creature's type, evolutions, abilities, attack values, and even speed will result in Siri pulling up a chart with details.

SOURCE Reddit, MacRumors