Evasi0n Jailbreak Group Severs Ties With Chinese App Store TaiG

A few days ago, the Evasi0n group announced its latest jailbreak for the iPhone was available. The jailbreak was for iOS 7 and came with the Cydia app store tied in to allow you to download apps not approved by Apple. The developers of Evasi0n have now come out and said they refuse to distribute the Chinese app store TaiG.

This Chinese app store was reportedly developed alongside the latest iOS 7 Evasi0n jailbreak. Reports indicate that users had discovered hundreds of pirated apps on the TaiG store.

The revelation of the pirated apps forced the Evasi0n developers to come out and admit to having "dropped the ball" with the TaiG partnership. The Evasi0n Group says that it has terminated the relationship with TaiG.

The group also noted that it was disappointed with the people behind the TaiG app store because the app store had a cracked version of the Evasi0n jailbreak available that installs the TaiG app store. The Evasi0n Group says that it didn't give the TaiG store permission to make their own version of the jailbreak and gave them no source code.

SOURCE: Techcrunch