European Peek emailer goes on sale for €59

We've been waiting for the Peek to arrive in Europe for months now, and we've just got word from cross-European MVNO Spotnik that the dedicated emailer is now available for order.  €59 ($71) gets you the Peek itself – capable of receiving push email from up to five accounts – while Europe-wide service is either €19.99 ($24) per month, €49.99 ($60) per quarter or €159.99 ($193) per year.

Alternatively, if you're willing to sign up to six months service in advance, you can have the Peek and half a year's email access for €99 ($119).  Peek reckon you'll see 4-5 days runtime from a single charge, helped no doubt by the fact that data is limited to GPRS maximum.

Frankly, if you're travelling across Europe a fair amount and still want to get your email, there probably isn't a cheaper way of doing it wirelessly (bar sticking to open WiFi hotspots).  Data charges in your home country are probably low, after all, but as soon as you start roaming they get significantly higher.