European iOS ecosystem larger than Android just as in US says report

Android versus iOS is one of the biggest rivalries in the tech world. It's right up there with OS X versus Windows in my book. Both sides in the iOS version Android user base are very supportive of their platforms leading to a lot of numbers being thrown around to show who is larger. By most accounts, the Android platform is now larger than the iOS platform in the smartphone world. When you zoom out and look at the entire iOS versus Android ecosystem with all available devices the picture changes.

When you consider the entire ecosystem comScore reported yesterday that iOS was actually much larger than Android in the US market. Today comScore has issued a very similar report for Europe that surveyed owners of iOS and Android devices. The users were specifically in UK, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy. ComScore's study found that the iOS ecosystem was over twice as large and the Android ecosystem. The iOS ecosystem includes iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch devices in the report.

The survey results found that iOS has an installed base of 28.9 million users in the five markets compares to 13.4 million Android users across all device types. ComScore also broke the numbers down a bit further and gave some interesting insight. The iPhone has a 16.1 million user install base making it the most common of all iOS devices. The research also showed that iPad ownership in the region is much more widespread than with Apple loyalists only.

[via Android Community]