Eufy SoloCam security cameras reach preorder

One of the biggest problems with adding security cameras to your property is typical all the wiring that comes along with installation. For those looking for an easier installation, wireless cameras are available from multiple brands. Eufy has announced that its SoloCam series is now available for preorder.

The series has several different camera types depending on your needs starting with the SoloCam E20 that can be preordered now for $79.99. Strangely, anyone wanting to preorder has to purchase a preorder code for $1.99. The regular price for the camera is $99.99. E20 is the basic wireless security camera with no monthly fees or hidden costs. It records in 1080p resolution and is IP67 weatherproof. The camera will be available in late June.

The next product is the SoloCam E40 that will launch in late July. Users can get a preorder code for $1.99 that will shave $30 off the normal $129.99 price bringing the cost to $99.99. This camera offers 2K resolution and has no hidden monthly fees for operation. It also features eight gigabytes of internal storage.

SoloCam L20 has an integrated 600-lumen spotlight that turns on when motion is detected. It also features eight gigabytes of internal storage and military-grade encryption. It uses AI to notify users only when people are detected to reduce false alarms. It records in 1080p resolution, and the preorder code for $1.99 brings the purchase price down to $129.99 from its regular $149.99 price tag. The camera will launch in late July.

The last of the SoloCam series is the S40. The hallmark of this wireless camera is that it gets all power from an integrated solar panel. Only two hours of direct sunlight a day can continuously power the camera, so no batteries have to be changed. It features a 600-lumen spotlight that is motion activated and 2k resolution. It also features no hidden costs or monthly charges like all other cameras in the series. A $1.99 preorder code gets the camera for $199.99. This camera will launch in late August.