Et tu, Meizu? Huawei P9, Meizu Pro 6 use pentalobes

What, you might be asking, is a pentalobe? It's a sort of screw head – a very annoyingly rare screw head, one that's generally only in place to make taking devices apart more difficult. The screwdriver you're going to need to use to get this screw out is available to the public – it's no secret – but why has Meizu begun using it? And why Huawei? Has the screw suddenly become less expensive to use, or is there a more obvious reason?

This week the folks at iFixit found that there were a couple of these screws placed in the Huawei P9. You'll find these screws to the left and right of the charging port for this phone.

The Meizu Pro 6 also has these screws placed to the left and right of its charging port, a port which is also at the bottom center of the phone.

We recently compared the Meizu Pro 6 to the iPhone 6 and the Galaxy S6/S7. We called it the missing link between the two phones we'd compared it to.

According to iFixit, there appears to be no reason for these pentalobe screws to have been used, "other than that's what Apple does."

Could it be that both Meizu and Huawei have decided that it's the screws that've made the iPhone the most ubiquitous smartphone on the planet?

Could this all be a coincidence?

Above you'll find a photo of the iPhone 6s and the Huawei P9. The similarities between the two – and compared to the Meizu Pro 6 – cannot be dismissed.