Essential Phone price just dropped again

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Over at Amazon the price of the Essential Phone PH-1 just dropped once again. While the original price of the Essential Phone was a whopping $700 USD, the device now costs closer to $435 – with free shipping, to boot. This is not the first time the price of this device has dropped – the company's experienced some early roadblocks on their way to any sort of major unit sales of this device. The fact that this device is on even FURTHER sale now suggests that we may well be headed toward a second gen device that's sold by Essential completely on its own.

When I reviewed the Essential Phone PH-1, I suggested that the original price was not correct for the phone. I also said that the reduced price – closer to $500 – was far better. Users able to attain this device for $435 are getting a gosh-darned bargain if I do say so myself. That's a judgement of mine, mind you, not necessarily of every writer here at SlashGear.

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The device suffers from some less-than-even public image problems, not least of all because no two technology publications can agree completely on what they see in Essential's future. The phone here, as it stands today, is a highly decent piece of hardware. The company that sells it will need to become a bit more seasoned before they're in a position to out-sell the bigger brands in mobile device manufacturing.

The Essential Phone you see here on Amazon is unlocked and comes in white. Users will have a cool 128GB of internal storage available, and they'll have options to use most any carrier they like. That includes AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and others. Check with your carrier before buying the phone – but chances are good you'll be ready to roll if you've already got a SIM card in the phone you're currently using.

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