Essential Phone Ocean Depths color released at last

This week the folks at Essential will finally release their device in its most unique color: Ocean Depths. This version of the Essential Phone PH-1 promises to be the one version of the phone that's far more elite than the rest – as far as color tone goes. This version of the phone was introduced with the rest back at the device's initial reveal, but remained unavailable until now.

The release of this watery deep color for the Essential Phone PH-1 serves to show the company in a good light: one in which the future of the brand is extended beyond one-and-done products. The same is true of each of the other products the company's released over the past several weeks and months, each new accessory serving to show the brand's dedication to their one hero smartphone. This release was announced directly in the face of less than great news on sales numbers from earlier today.

Essential announced today their intention to release the Essential Phone PH-1 in its Ocean Depths color combination later this week. Essential said they'd release the device on the 15th of February, 2018 – just one day after Valentine's Day. So, for those that have had enough of the red hearts and flowers and candy for one day, they'll release the opposite in a phone: blue/green, aka Ocean Depths.

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Above you'll see the standard Pure White and Black Moon – next up is Ocean Depths, a combination of a dark green on the bluey side and gold accents. After that, there'll be a Stellar Gray. Eventually, that'll be – hopefully. Then we wait to see if the company releases a new phone every year, every other year, or multiple phones a year. You never can tell these days. Have a peek at our full review at the link above, and let us know if there's anything else about this device that you'd like us to test!