Err of Judgement - Eye of Judgement cards can be easily duplicated

We've told you about the PlayStation Eye, and the game with which it will be bundled, Eye of Judgment. It's a game played using collectible cards that are viewed by the PlayStation Eye that you use to battle an opponent. Like all collectible card games, you purchase additional cards in individual packs. The cards are printed in such a way that they can't be easily copied and scanned into your PlayStation. Or so they tell us.

Bear in mind that this is no mere rumor, you can in fact made a halfway-decent copy of any Eye of Judgment card with relative ease. One of the guys over at Kotaku printed off such a card using an el cheap-o Canon printer and had no problems scanning it into the game.

This effectively just destroyed the game. If you've ever played a collectible card game, you know that at least half of the fun, and advantage comes from the cards you have. If everyone has access to the same cards, it's possible for a deck that's nearly impossible to beat to be created by someone. Once this happens, tons of people will duplicate said deck and those that actually try to have fun with the game will be mercilessly slaughtered.

Eye Of Judgment Cards Copyable [via kotaku]