Eric Schmidt dives into Google data security

This week Eric Schmidt spoke at Dive Into Mobile, the Google Executive Chairman making clear that Google's dedication to security will stay strong through the future. Having already run down the Android activation numbers earlier in his talk, noting a staggering 1.5 million Android activations per day, Schmidt tipped an easy 1 billion Android devices set by the end of the year. With that number jumping from just 750 million confirmed by Google CEO Larry Page just this past month, security had certainly better be a big subject one way or another.

Data security has become an increasingly important issue as Google continues to take hold of the mobile device market across the universe. Here in 2013, with Android devices creating the most massive cross-section of smart devices on the planet, Google is assuring us that they're keeping our safety in mind.

"Google has a responsibility to keep your data secure. You have a responsibility to keep your password secure and not install malware. With respect to your personal information, we allow you to take it out." – Schmidt

Of course "take it out" refers to Google's own takeout service, this allowing users to download the information they've added to Google databases in a friendly user-friendly way. Have a peek at our takeout rundown to see all the services you can work with today straight through – and let us know what you're going to serve up!

"The other thing is that we're careful about when we use your information and we tell you that. We disclose what we do with your information, and we adhere to published principles. We have an absolute responsibility to keep your data secure" – Schmidt

Keep that in mind as we continue to see Google embroiled in security lawsuits in the future – watch Schmidt as he continues to assure us that all things remain safe with the big G!

[via All Things D]