Ergotron's new monitor arm floats huge curved gaming displays above your desk

Gamers looking for a monitor arm for their 49-inch curved display finally have an option, with Ergotron aiming to lift huge gaming LCDs off the desktop. The Ergotron HX Monitor Arm with HD Pivot may sound like a niche within a niche, but the company argues that there's a growing audience of people with oversized screens who want to reclaim some of their desktop.

Broader availability of monitors like the Samsung Odyssey G9 – which packs a 1000R curved 49-inch panel – have made for more immersive gaming, as well as being popular as an alternative to multi-display configurations for productivity. Problem is, they have a considerable footprint and can be very heavy, too.

The 2021 version of the Odyssey G9, for example, is almost 37 pounds with the stand attached. It measures more than 45 inches across, while the base of the stand itself is over 31 x 12 inches. Given the curve involved, it's not like you can just shove it back fully against the wall, either.

According to Ergotron, that left a loud audience for a sturdier, more capable monitor arm that could handle deep, ultra-wide curved displays. The result is a combination of the HX Desk Monitor Arm with the HX Heavy-Duty Tilt Pivot, capable of handling displays with curves from 6- to 12-inches deep, and which weigh 28 to 42 pounds.

There's up to 15 degrees or backward tile, and 5 degrees of forward tilt, and the arm gets 11.5-inches of lift. There's also 180-degrees of pan and 360-degrees of tilt. You can also lock it into portrait or landscape orientation.

It's designed to clamp to desks from 0.4-inches to 2.4-inches thick, or use a grommet mount through desks that have surface holes. Despite the weight involved, Ergotron says it's still adjustable with minimal effort. Cable routing means the cords can be snaked down through the arm itself and under the desk, and there are white and black finishes to choose between.

Clearly this is a niche product still – an Odyssey G9 is $1,700 on its own – but if your screen is taking up more space than you want it could be worth the extra investment. No word on pricing yet, but the regular HX Desk Monitor Arm is $289 while the HX Heavy-Duty Tilt Pivot is $64.