Epiphany Acoustics EHP-1 headphone amp is packing

If you're an audiophile, prefer headphones to speakers and gain particular pleasure from visitors complimenting you on your shapely knob, Epiphany Acoustics might have the headphone amp for you. The British-based startup is kicking things off with the walnut-fronted EHP-1, a compact hand-made amp promising minimal noise and distortion along with a distinctive aluminum volume control.

It doesn't just look good, either; it's connected to an Alps RK27 ("Blue Velvet") volume potentiometer, while inside is a Class A, dual-mono amplifier capable of turning 2+ Watts into 32 Ohms. Epiphany purposefully used a pair of mono amps rather than a single, dual-channel chip so as to avoid crosstalk. Ports include fixed and variable line-outs, offering either transparent or pre-amp connectivity when used in-line with your regular amp, along with a single set of line-in.

Design-wise, the casing is made of steel and will look a little sleeker than the prototype pictured here, doing away with the exposed screws on top and instead forming the sides and top from a single piece of metal. Epiphany also expects to offer alternative volume knob designs.

Pre-orders for the EHP-1 are being taken now, at £180 ($290; a 20-percent discount off the regular RRP if you're among the first twenty buyers). Shipments were initially expected in June, so we're guessing they'll begin imminently.

[via What HiFi]