Epic Games Store serves up a free game for fans of deckbuilding roguelikes

We're quickly approaching the end of the free games promotion the Epic Games Store is running for the holidays, but there are a few more days of free games to go before then. Today's free game is lesser-known indie title Solitairica, which is a card-based roguelike game that fans of Monster Train or Slay the Spire might want to check out.Solitairica in fact predates both Slay the Spire and Monster Train by several years, though it hasn't reached the level of popularity of either of those games (at least not on PC). It still seems to be worth picking up for those who are into the roguelike deckbuilding games, as it's currently holding down a "Very Positive" user review rating on Steam.

Of course, many of us already knew that Solitairica would be offered for free on the Epic Games Store, as a leak that landed shortly after this promotion started has predicted every free game offered so far. It's safe to say that leak will also be correct about the promo's final two games, which should be Torchlight 2 tomorrow and Jurassic World Evolution on December 31st.

Torchlight 2 is already well-known within the action RPG community, and we often see it compared favorably to Diablo 3 (or at least we did when Diablo 3 had a more spotty reputation closer to launch). Most action RPG fans have likely already played Torchlight 2, but those who haven't will definitely want to snag it when it goes free on the Epic Games Store tomorrow.Jurassic World Evolution will be the game up for grabs on December 31st, which is the final day of this promotion. Arguably the biggest game Epic has offered for free over the past two weeks, Jurassic World Evolution is a solid game even if it falls short of other park management sims. Solitairica, meanwhile, is free until tomorrow at 11:00 AM EST, so be sure to grab it before then.