Epic Games Store free game today works on your MacBook

The game "A Total War Saga: TROY" was released on the 13th of August, 2020, and through the Epic Games Store it was delivered for free. This game will eventually cost users approximately $50, but for now, it's available with a tap of the "GET" button. This is the latest game that's "free" through the Epic Games Store as such.

The Epic Games Store will release A Total War Saga: TROY on the 13th of August, 2020, "FREE to claim on the Epic Store for the first 24 hours!" Once you've signed up with an Epic account and download the Epic Store, you'll tap said GET button, then you'll have the game to play for free, forever, or until the Epic Store closes or you decide to get rid of said Epic Store.

This game was developed for use on both Windows and Apple (macOS) machines. While it's not all that uncommon nowadays for a major title to work on a platform outside of Windows, it's certainly a welcome sign that a game like this would work on a computer made by Apple.

The developer of this game was Creative Assembly, and the title was published by SEGA. This game is a rarity in our modern multiplayer online competition sort of gaming universe, in that it is a single player strategy game.

This game is "inspired by The Iliad" at the point at which the Trojan War struck our Earth with conflict the likes of which had never been seen before. "In this legendary age, heroes walk the earth. In an act that shocks the world, audacious Paris, prince of Troy, elopes with the beautiful queen of Sparta. As they sail away, King Menelaus curses her name. He vows to bring his wife home – whatever the cost!"

You might also have seen this story played out in the movie TROY, with Diane Kruger as Helen of Troy, Orlando Bloom as Paris, Brian Cox and Agamemnon, and Brad Pitt as Achilles. Early reviews suggest this is a relatively decent game – or at least one worth the effort of opening the Epic Store for to tap GET!