Epic Games free game expires today - Elite Dangerous

Right this minute the folks at Epic Games are effectively giving a game away for free, but it won't be free for long. The game is called Elite Dangerous, it's an online game, it's highly populated, and it's free. Normally the game would cost you a few bucks, but the Epic Games Store wants you to download and keep their store on your computer, so they're doing a sort of loss-leader situation with the game Elite Dangerous to get you in the mix.

The game Elite Dangerous has been played by users since December of 2014. It was released for Windows back in December of 2014, then for macOS* in May of 2015, along with Xbox One in October of 2015. Fast forward to June of 2017 and the game was released for PlayStation 4.

The game was ended on Mac as of the spring of 2018. The good news on that end was – and remains – that users could continue using their account on different platforms.

As of November 10, 2020, Elite Dangerous was available for Xbox Series X and S, and November 12 for PlayStation 5 – both because of top-notch backwards compatibility. This game is usually available from the Epic Games Store for around $30 – right now it's free.

Above you'll see an elder trailer for the game Elite Dangerous, from all the way back in 2016. This game is listed at Epic Games right this minute. If you're reading this article more than 24 hours after it was first posted, the game will likely be returned to its original $30 USD.

As we've discussed before, the only drawback here is that you'll need to keep the Epic Games Store on your computer in order to run the game. That's not all that different from any other app store, including valve's Steam – and that's just it. Epic Games is trying to get their foot in the door – the door to your computer – so they're able to potentially sell you more games, and such – so keep that in mind!