Entourage eDGe gets software demo [Video]

Chris Davies - Dec 4, 2009
Entourage eDGe gets software demo [Video]

One of the questions we still had after seeing the Entourage eDGe prototype demonstrated earlier this week was just how integrated the two halves – e-ink display and netbook LCD – were.  NetbookNews have followed up with a second video showing the system in action, and while it doesn’t look quite optimized yet it does show how Entourage have leveraged the best of each panel.

Video demo after the cut

The regular touchscreen (on the right) is used for browsing folders and directories of content, or searching the web; Entourage are positioning the eDGe as ideal for students looking to collate all of their reference materials together.  Once you’ve selected a file, it opens up on the e-ink panel, where you can read it, annotate it and then print or email the marked-up results.

The system is similar to the Barnes and Noble nook and the Spring Design Alex, which have small Android-based LCD touchscreens that are used to quickly navigate through content before displaying it on a larger e-ink display.  However the eDGe has the benefit of being a fully-functional netbook, too.

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