EnerPlex Surfr Samsung Galaxy S4 case has solar and battery power

If you use the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone, and is that a lot of time away from an outlet you may be looking for options that help your device from longer. A company called EnerPlex has unveiled a new case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone called the EnerPlex Surfr that has an internal battery and an integrated flexible thin-film solar panel on the back of the case. This is the same company that unveiled the Packr solar backpack earlier this month.

The Surfr case is available in multiple colors and is designed to be lightweight, thin, and customizable. The case has its own 2500 mAh internal battery and is designed to protect the phone while extending its runtime.

The case's internal battery can be charged via a USB port or via the solar panel on the back of the case on the go. The case measures 5.7-inches long by 2.9-inches wide by 0.75-inches deep and weighs 104.5 g.

The case is available in black with a black cover, black with a gunmetal cover, white with green cover, white with a blue cover, and white with pink cover. The cover is designed to protect the screen of the smartphone and prevent scratches. The cover has a window allowing users to see the clock and notifications without opening the cover. The case will ship in mid-November for $89.99. if you want to know more about the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone, we reviewed the device back in April when it launched.

SOURCE: EnerPlex