EnerPlex Packr backpack has built-in solar charger for gadgets

Shane McGlaun - Oct 18, 2013
EnerPlex Packr backpack has built-in solar charger for gadgets

Anyone who’s on the road a lot for work, school, or pleasure knows it can be a challenge keeping your gadgets charged up and ready to use away from an outlet. If your travels take you outdoors a lot, keeping your gadgets charged and keeping you in touch can be particularly troublesome. A company called Ascent Solar Technologies has announced a new backpack called the EnerPlex Packr that not only has plenty of room for all of your gear, but helps keep your gadgets powered working.

The backpack has a built-in thin-film photoelectric module making it a solar charging backpack. The backpack solar panel can create 3W of regulated power output through a standard 5V USB outlet. The company says that the solar panel adds minimal weight to the backpack and allows the backpack to keep the traditional form factor.


The solar panel is attached to the outside of the backpack allowing your devices to charge while you walk around wearing the backpack. There’s no need to stop and deploy the solar panel to charge your devices.


The backpack is available in black with orange trim or black with green trim. Along with solar panel, the backpack also has a pair of water bottle holders, two zippered compartments with pockets for laptops or tablets, and reflective stripes for nighttime use. The backpack also has adjustable shoulder, chest, and waist straps. The Packr is available now for $99.99.

SOURCE: Enerplex

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