Ender’s Game score set for Avatar greatness

Chris Burns - Feb 5, 2013, 4:56pm CST
Ender’s Game score set for Avatar greatness

The movie version of the science fiction classic Ender’s Game has been revealed this week as coming from none other than James Horner, known most recently for his work on the James Cameron film Avatar. This choice will have Horner joining titans such as Harrison Ford and Ben Kingsley on the cast and crew while the film gets another dash of top-tier assurance from the film gods. Horner is also known for his soundtrack work on Aliens, Braveheart, and Field of Dreams, just to name a few.

This movie will follow the plot of the original Ender’s Game full novel in a loose sort of way, with those familiar with the project letting it be known that “none” of the scenes will be exactly spot-on with their original source material. It’s more of a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy sort of situation, it would seem, with each different iteration of the Ender’s Game universe being its own unique vision.

The news about James Horner comes from the publication Film Music Reporter where they’ve also made clear that Horner has completed work (very recently) on his score for the upcoming Romeo & Juliet film by Carlo Carlei. Ender’s Game is set to be an entirely different beast with young children going to take part in war games that will ultimately decide the fate of the human race. Romeo & Juliet is a bit more romantic than all of that.

Horner will likely push the film to a place somewhere in-between Avatar and Aliens with a dash of humanity as this tale makes the case for a genius boy (Ender, played here by Asa Butterfield), being molded into a beast of a wartime leader. The music will more than likely be wholly instrumental as this movie takes place both in space and in the future, mainly inside a training facility where pop music dare not tread.

Stay tuned to SlashGear’s Entertainment tag portal for more information on Ender’s Game as it becomes available through the next few months – we’re looking at a November 1st 2013 release date and the timing seems to be holding fast!

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