Ender's Game Movie teaser trailer makes major spoiler for the uninitiated

For those of you waiting for May 7th to see the first look at footage from the upcoming science fiction movie translation of the book Ender's Game, you're in for a treat. This week the folks at Summit Entertainment have released a teaser for the full trailer complete with an introduction by Harrison Ford and Asa Butterfield, they playing two of the main characters from the story. But beware – if you're one of the rare people out there halfway through the book right this moment in preparation for the film, you'll be spoiled heavily.

What you're going to see here is a major spoiler in the form of a character appearing that, if you're a fan of the book, you'll remember isn't supposed to appear outside of flash-backs and memories. Here he's shown in the form of Ben Kingsley with a name tag making his role in the movie plain as day. If you've never read the book and don't plan on it, this appearance won't affect your movie viewing (unless you happen to remember his name when you begin your viewing experience.)

UPDATE: The first full-length trailer has arrived! Have a look!

The rest of the trailer is full of quick flashes of major plot devices like the Battle School and the Battle Room it contains. There you'll see the big screen's interpretation of "stars" inside the Battle Room, Flash Suits, and even a recreation of one of the most entertaining moments in the book. What we must assume is that this is Bean, a character that shadows Ender throughout the book and here uses a thin cord to out-maneuver the enemy in a game at the school.

"When the gate opened, all they could see was a large brown star only fifteen feet away, completely blocking their view of the enemy's gate.

Ender didn't pause. "Bean, give yourself fifty feet of rope and go around the star." Bean and his four soldiers dropped through the gate and in a moment Bean was launched sideways away from the star. The rope snapped taut, and Bean flew forward. As the rope was stopped by each edge of the star in turn, his arc became tighter and his speed greater, until when he hit the wall only a few feet away from the gate he was barely able to control his rebound to end up behind the star. But he immediately moved all his arms and legs so that those waiting inside the gate would know that the enemy hadn't flashed him anywhere." – Hatrack, from Ender's Game original story from August 1977 issue of Analog

Have a peek at the timeline below to see other recent sneak peaks, leaks, and straight up teasers from Ender's Game the movie and follow SlashGear's entertainment portal for more information on this film as it approaches this winter. The movie itself comes out on the first of November, but given the amount of teaser material we've seen thus far, there'll certainly be a massive amount of buildup between here and there.