Emotiv Epoc brain-reading gaming headset ships December 21st for $299

Chris Davies - Dec 3, 2009
Emotiv Epoc brain-reading gaming headset ships December 21st for $299

Emotiv’s brain-reading gaming headset, the Epoc, got plenty of coverage last year with gamers curious about controlling their favorite titles with the power of thought, but technical issues delayed its launch.  Now Emotiv say they’re ready to push Epoc out the door on December 21st, and they’re saying it’ll feasibly work with any PC game.


That’s because, while there’s a specific SDK for the Epoc that’s been available for developers over the past six months or so, Emotiv also supply an app called EmoKey which basically allows you to map keyboard key shortcuts to the headset.  In fact Emotiv reckon we’ll eventually see use of the Epoc spread to other consumer electronics; in an interview with PCAuthority Australia company co-founder Nam Do says it will likely start with simple applications – like mentally flicking light-switches – before progressing to more complex implementations.

There’s also room for reading non-traditional input and incorporating that into gaming; for instance, if you were anxious or fearful while playing a title, the gameplay could be impacted by that emotional response.  The game might choose when to spring a surprise attack, or reveal something, based on the moment of peak anxiety.

That’s all in the future, however; for now, the Emotiv site lists the Epoc for $299 for US sales only.  It packs twelve brain sensors, a gyroscope and a Li-Ion battery good for up to twelve hours gaming, and connects to your PC wirelessly.

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