Emergency Medical Information in your wallet

Chris Davies - Nov 22, 2006

Given the current climate of litigation, it’s actually statistically more dangerous to attempt to resuscitate an unconscious person in the street than it is to dance naked in a pit of angry, poisonous snakes.  Get one thing wrong and before you know it, you’re up in the dock trying to explain why jabbing someone in the throat with the barrel of a biro seemed like a great idea at the time.  Luckily, impromptu medical calamity should soon be a thing of the bleary eyed past, as we all get our hands on EMI’s 911 rCard.

As is obvious from the picture and the name, it’s a credit card sized slab of medical-documentation goodness.  Scroll keys allow for navigating multiple pages of allergies, current medication and charts from recent scans and tests.  Should the USB-rechargeable battery go dead, the toll-free number on the back links to the subscription-based EMI service, who for $20 a year will keep your information updated and available should you fall to the ground after drinking far too many carbonated beverages.

Do you want one?  Are you worried that someone might pump you full of penicillin when you’re blatantly allergic to you, just because you appear to be slumped up against a tree with the cognitive abilities of a roadkill squirrel?  The EMI 911 rCard costs $79.99, although if you buy in bulk (to leave one in every jacket, maybe?) they’ll cut you some discount-shaped slack.

Product Page [via OhGizmo!]

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