Elsewares Hi-tech Fashion

Want to show off your nerdy side but not actually to broadcast it to the entire world? Elsewares has found the answer. They have a line of jewelry made from the innards of your computer and other random electronics. You can get the sleek version made from naked Ethernet, as well as the more chunky style made from 3 amp diodes. They even have a great keychain made from a MIDI plug for you guys. Either way it's a fun new twist in jewelry and anyone who isn't as computer savvy wouldn't have a clue what they were.

They seem as innocent as the rubber bracelets that everyone seems to be sporting these days. I must warn you though if you actually want to branch out and stop dating the computer geniuses of the world, this may not be the route to go. Since odds are any of them that notice might start a relentless pursuit of you. Let's face it tech girls can be hard to come by. For those guys out there that still haven't bought that special someone a Valentine's gift, this would be a fun and fairly inexpensive gift to buy. Prices can range anywhere from $8.00 to $45.00.

Electronic Chic [via popgadget]