Elgato Smart Power: iPhone battery watches your calendar

Chris Burns - Sep 1, 2014, 10:27 am CDT
Elgato Smart Power: iPhone battery watches your calendar

So you’ve got an external battery pack that you carry around with you to charge up your smartphone on the go. But you constantly forget to charge the battery up. So what’s the use? Elgato is here to rescue you from yourself.

Elgato Smart Power is a battery pack that works with iOS notifications. When the battery is low, you get a notification. Tapping in to your calendar, Elgato Smart Power reminds you to recharge it before you go on a vacation or short trip.

There’s even an Elgato Smart Power app which shows how much power is left in the battery. That’s if the LED lights on the pack aren’t enough for you.

Sweet abilities come with a price to match, of course, with 6,000mAh of battery pack coming from Elgato for $99.95 USD. This pack is available complete with full Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) connectivity right this minute internationally.

Have a peek at the rest of the Elgato releases made public today as well – there’s several awesome bits and pieces to be seen!

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