Elgato M4 Stand now turns your iPhone into the original Mac

JC Torres - Apr 24, 2017
Elgato M4 Stand now turns your iPhone into the original Mac

There is just something to Apple’s Mac design that has people reaching for it decades after it has gone extinct. No, we’re not talking about the candy iMacs but the original Macintosh. There hasn’t been a shortage of attempts to emulate that computer. There’s even an Apple Watch stand that turns it into a mini Macintosh. Appropriately, Elgato, who made that same W3 Apple Watch stand, has come out with the M4 for the iPhone to satisfy that craving for old-school industrial design.

You can, of course, try to recreate an actual useful Macintosh using 3D printing and something like a Raspberry Pi but that wouldn’t be very Apple-like, would it? Besides, many of those aiming for a Mac replica will be in it for the looks, not the functionality. Not that you can’t have both with this M4 Stand.

The Elgato M4 works nearly the same way as the W3, except with a bit less fuss. You simply slide in the iPhone and you’re good to go. There’s a pass-through for the lightning cable so you can charge it while in the stand. I’ll just look as if you have a mini power cable running through the Macintosh.

But it isn’t just for show either, considering you pretty much have access to all the iPhone’s functionality. With a Bluetooth keyboard, you can actually pretend to be working on a Macintosh. If you squint well enough, you could actually be working on the iPhone-slash-Macintosh. Forget about the mouse though. Not gonna happen.

The Elgato M4 Stand for the iPhone is available on its website for $24.99. Unlike the original Macintosh, you actually have a choice between the Classic White original color or a classy new Black. The slightly bad news is that it is compatible only with the iPhone 6, 6s, and 7. No “Plus” in sight and definitely no cases either. Unless you buy Elgato’s own slim case, that is.

SOURCE: Elgato

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