Eleksen SideShow laptop bag

When Nokia brought out a pendant-style display to allow you to wear your cellphone-snapped photos around your neck, most people scoffed.  Yes, it could be used as a remote for your mobile – checking Caller ID for instance – but when the handset was just a pocket-grab away why bother with the clunky jewellery?  At first glance it'd be easy to dismiss Microsoft's SideShow as just another pointless sub-display, but hold on a second; while the idea of a status screen on the outer casing of a laptop might be a bit daft (sorry ASUS, but that's the way I'm seeing it), how about having it on your bag so you don't have to pull out that laptop in the first place?

Eleksen, already featured here for their fabric keyboard technology, have taken a dinky display blessed with SideShow features and coupled it with one of their embedded control pads.  That basically amounts to a sub-screen which can show things like upcoming appointments, contacts, and anything else SideShow has been designed for.  Oddly enough for a concept bag, it's actually attractively designed too!  Sadly Eleksen aren't planning to put this into production, so it's up to some other company to licence the concept and give me another reason to upgrade to Vista.

Eleksen Product Page [via Carrypad]