Electronically generated warm fuzzies

Are you or your significant other always cold? Now you can save the day with the new Sanyo Eneloop Kairo portable heater. It's just the right size to slip into just about any pocket, most likely not including those insanely small pockets some girl's jeans are sporting these days. It measures 62mm x 84mm x 19mm, weighs 65 grams.

Personally, I am absolutely horrible about turning the heat up so high that I drive everyone out. I'm just cold all the time, at my desk I have a little heater that stays on almost nonstop. I'd probably buy four of these one for each pocket, then again here in Indiana it is around -2 degrees.

For all you guys out there, if your girl has the same problem, buy her some of these for Valentine's Day she will love you. I know I would love one from my significant other (hint, hint). It does take a while to charge it up, but once it is charged it will last about five hours which isn't too shabby, especially at $30 a piece.

Eneloop Kairo portable heater [via ubergizmo]