Electrolux gives up their dishwashing secrets

After decades of doubt and confusion, I think we've finally laid the old "does the light in the fridge really go out?" dilemma to rest.  Now, weary multitudes turn their paranoid eyes to the next piece of kitchen machinery: the humble dishwasher.  "Just what goes on in there?" a man stopped me in the street and asked, yesterday.  "Can we be sure it's not Communism?" a veteran pondered out loud while in the queue for a warm, soy milk-based beverage.

Electrolux to the rescue, friends and softies: their Visi dishwasher has a window in the door so that you can observe your grubby plates and chipped mugs go from stained misery to shiny splendour, without an ounce of Maoist propaganda.  It was actually launched back in 2005, but has only just fallen to a price reasonable for us mere mortals: around £430 ($838)

With capacity to clean up to 12 place settings, a choice of five wash programmes and three temperatures, you'll be chuffed silly to know that it scores an environmentally-huggable Class A in Energy Efficiency, Wash Performance and Drying Performance.

Electrolux [via Appliancist]