Elder Scrolls Online hits Japan next year

The Elder Scrolls Online MMO has undergone a fair number of changes since it was first released. The biggest, of course, was the game's transition to a free-to-play title. However, next year the game is going somewhere that few western MMO's have succeeded.

We already know that Zenimax is putting a lot of stock in their game. After all, they're offering up the chance to win one million bucks just by playing it. And while that's a big investment, it might not be as risky as their decision to bring the game to Japan next year.

That's right, they have sold the publishing rights to DMM, who will release the game in Japan, in June of 2016. The game will launch with two flavors. A standard version, which will cost around $65 (7,949 Yen) and a deluxe that will run around $100 (12,744 Yen). Just like over here, the game will be free-to-play, after the initial purchase. You'll still be able to pay a monthly fee for access to extras, as well.

It's interesting to see this game make its way to Japan. After all, western RPG's don't tend to fair as well over there, and not even Blizzard has brought dedicated servers to the country, due to a perceived lack of interest.

VIA: Destructoid