Elder Scrolls MMO Trailer Detonates Intrigue Bomb

Whenever there's an announcement of a massively multiplayer online role playing game coming from a giant like Bethesda, there's a single power-trailer to go with it. What we're seeing today is that trailer, and it's telling us such a small amount of information about the game that it'll set your mind on fire. This game is set to have a three-faction player-verses-player model, will bring on a bit of gameplay not unlike what we've seen in Dark Age of Camelot, and will be developed by the team at Zenimax Online Studios.

This Elder Scrolls Online world will bring the social scale aspects of the best MMOs on the market to the already massively popular world made gigantic most recently in the console-based game Skyrim. The plotline will be set 1000 years before the age of Skyrim and will bring the realm of Tamriel into danger via the daedric prince Molag Bal, who of course will be attempting to pull the world into his demonic realm without pause.

Have a peek at the initial trailer for this game and get ready for the logo, because that's all you're going to see!

[vms 2efde8bc165e864d3644]

Game Director Matt Firor, also known for his work on Dark Age of Camelot (another powerful MMO with thousands of dedicated players), spoke up on the project with Game Informer:

"It will be extremely rewarding finally to unveil what we have been developing the last several years. The entire team is committed to creating the best MMO ever made – and one that is worthy of The Elder Scrolls franchise." – Firor

Sound like the game for you? Or will you be sticking with the undeniable powerhouse that is Diablo III, coming to your living room on the 15th of May? Elder Scrolls Online is still in development and will be released in 2013 for both Mac and PC environments.