EFiX demonstrate dongle: Working OS X on generic hardware

Chris Davies - Jul 31, 2008

Given the ongoing Psystar legal tousle, you can bet Apple’s legal team are keenly watching EFiX’s nifty USB dongle that allows you to run OS X on good old generic PC hardware.  However EFiX themselves seem to be having more fun demonstrating their setup than worrying about the potential legal ramifications; TeknoJunkie caught up with them this week and while EULA issues weren’t on the agenda, the apparently slick way it allows OS X to run without in any way modifying the install certainly was.

Once plugged in, the EFiX dongle introduces a new Boot Loader whenever you start up; that way you can switch between, say, Windows and OS X.  As for the latter, right now Bluetooth doesn’t work and sound only comes through on certain channels, but Disk Utility, Time Machine and Apple Update all function as expected.  EFiX even demonstrated updating from 10.5.1 all the way through to 10.5.4, using Apple’s official software, with no problems; the hard-drive can be plugged straight back into a proper Mac and is entirely untampered with.

The EFiX dongle – in two versions, V1 for normal users and V2 with debug tools – should be on sale by mid-August.  The company is also planning a PCI version, which will work on AMD boards.

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