Eevee evolution Pokemon GO update: a time to start over again

Today's news update to Pokemon GO has to do with the way powers are handled for a variety of monsters, including Eevee. Espeon and Umbreon might not be the best evolutions available for this always-catch-friendly Pokemon. Instead, the other three – original evolutions – of Eevee might end up being a whole lot more useful to the everyday player. For those that need to complete the Pokedex, there's still a set of secret methods for nabbing the full set of 5.

Capture Strategy and Search

The ability to capture either Espeon or Umbreon in the wide world of Pokemon GO is nearly non-existent. While we have heard reports of users finding both of these monsters out in the wild, verified reports are all but non-existent. In reality, the most realistic way to get either one of these Pokemon is to follow the secret Easter Egg rules.

Users that have all 5 different evolved forms of Eevee almost always got that way by capturing a bunch of Eevee first. The minimum CP for any Eevee is 10 – finding one of these means one super-simple capture with a standard Pokeball. The max CP for Eevee is 969 – and this isn't possible to find in the wild.

Updated Eevee Wild Capture Stats:

• Max Egg Hatch: 615 CP

• Egg Hatch Rate: 18%

• Max Wild Capture: 830 CP

• Global Spawn Rate: 2.75%

• Capture Rate: 30%+

• Flee Rate: 10%

As you'll see above, the maximum wild capture CP for Eevee is 820. This means that any 800 and above CP Eevee in the wild is a monster you should certainly attempt to catch. Eevee is not region-exclusive, which means it can appear almost anywhere. It's been known to appear most often on University or College campuses and in Residential Neighborhoods.

Each of the evolved forms of Eevee only appear extremely rarely. So rarely that even the most hardcore players (that aren't cheating) have only seen one or two since the beginning of the game.

Naming Works Once

We've spoken about the naming trick for Eevee evolutions in the past. What I want to make sure is clear today is that the trick only works once for each of the five names. Users can acquire one of each of the 5 different evolutionary types with the naming trick, then it's a bit of a random evolution situation.

• Sparky turns into Jolteon• Rainer turns into Vaporeon• Pyro turns into Flareon• Sakura turns into Espeon• Tamao turns into Umbreon

Users must go through the following steps to make the naming trick work. If these steps are not followed, the Eevee may evolve randomly into one of the first three evolutionary types – which isn't all bad. Both Espeon and Umbreon will not evolve from Eevee randomly.

How to use Eevee names to evolve:

1. Acquire Eevee and 25 Eevee Pokemon candy.

2. Name Eevee one of the 5 names listed above.

3. Check that there are no spaces before or after the name.

4. Check that the first letter is capitalized.

5. Check that Eevee is worth evolving.

6. Hit the evolve button.

There's another way to get either Espeon or Umbreon, too. Having to do with walking an Eevee for 2x rounds of Buddy Candy then evolving at night or during the day, this method is slightly more complicated. Follow the second evolution method steps to see how it'll work.

New Stats

Over the past few weeks – at some point – Eevee evolutions have changed slightly. This change affects only the Pokemon that are evolving since the change was made, while Pokemon evolved in the past remain the same – mostly. The following stats are in play now.

Espeon Stats (Mid-March, 2017)

Base Stamina: 130

Base Attack: 261

Base Defense: 194

Quick Moves: Confusion, Zen Headbutt

Cinematic Moves: Psybeam, Psychic, Futuresight

Max CP (100% perfect when player at 30): 2572

Umbreon Stats (Mid-March, 2017)

Base Stamina: 190

Base Attack: 126

Base Defense: 250

Quick Moves: Feint Attack, Snarl

Cinematic Moves: Dark Pulse, Foul Play

Max CP (100% perfect when player at 30): 1759

Flareon Stats (Mid-March, 2017)

Base Stamina: 130

Base Attack: 246

Base Defense: 204

Quick Moves: Ember, Fire Spin

Cinematic Moves: Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Overheat

Max CP (100% perfect when player at 30): 2490

Jolteon Stats (Mid-March, 2017)

Base Stamina: 130

Base Attack: 232

Base Defense: 201

Quick Moves: Thunder Shock, Volt Switch

Cinematic Moves: Discharge, Thunderbolt, Thunder

Max CP (100% perfect when player at 30): 2340

Vaporeon Stats (Mid-March, 2017)

Base Stamina: 260

Base Attack: 205

Base Defense: 177

Quick Moves: Water Gun

Cinematic Moves: Water Pulse, Hydro Pump, Aqua Tail

Max CP (100% perfect when player at 30): 2706

Vaporeon still reigns supreme when it comes to max CP, but it's important to note that not every Pokemon is a 100% ideal example of their kind. A 100% perfect Umbreon could well defeat a low-level Vaporeon, it all has to do with the battle at hand and the trainer behind the monster.

Users that wish to make the most of their Pokemon GO experience with Eevee should capture every single Eevee they lay eyes on. They're not particularly difficult to capture and the wide variety of abilities and evolutionary types that can result is unmatched in this game. For more updates, tips, and early notes about in-game events, have a peek at SlashGear's @TeamPokemonGO Twitter portal now!