Eers SonoFit headphones create custom-fit buds in minutes

Custom-fit earbuds are one of the best audiophile experiences out there, but sadly restricted because of time or money. Sonomax aims to change at least one of those, with a new system that measures your ears and creates a pair of custom-fit buds in minutes. The Eers device looks like a big pair of DJ headphones, but it's actually a method of creating perfectly fit earbuds using some interesting new methods.

The "cans" hermetically seal your earlobes in on each side, then fill the in your earlobes with silicone to create a sealed earbud. The uses a medical-grade bladder to keep the material sealed inside you ears and the mechanism, with the cans holding the pumps for each ear. The process takes about five minutes, after which you've got a pair of awesome earbuds literally made just for you.

Sonomax SonoFit Custom DIY Eers fitting Video

The system allows allow for high-quality custom headphones to be sold directly at retail locations, without waiting weeks or months for a custom fitting. The PCS-100 and PCS-200 models are $200 and $300 in Canadian currency, and can be bought from Sonomax's web store or retail partners.