Edifier e10 Exclaim 2.0 bi-amped speakers bring on DSP and DRC alike

Welcome to the next level from Edifier with the e10 Exclaim 2.0 bi-amped speaker system, complete with a collection of technologies that are made to amplify your computer, television, or mobile smart device. This set of speakers brings on full internal DSP (Digital Signal Processing) and DRC (Dynamic Range Compensation), both of them bringing on "superb" tonal balance as well as absolutely minimal distortion at any volume level. They also have a rather unique look to them, ready for your desk or right out in the open near your HDTV for hot-blasting visuals as well as sound.

Each one of the Exclaim speakers has its own internal amplifier, bringing 36 watts RMS power to 6 internal active speakers. Each unit has 2 passive radiators with its midrange/tweeter housings for high efficiency and dynamic range, and 2 supplementary passive radiators live inside as well. The 2 passive radiators bring deep bass as well as high performance from the woofers, of course.

These units connect with a simple 3.5mm auxiliary cable, this included in the box, and each unit's volume and power/standby controls sit at the side of the one master speaker unit. This set is set to be available immediately if not soon for $99.99 USD from Edifier's online shop, and also ship in Canada for $99.99 CND as well. Grab a pair right this minute!

And note how interesting it is that these speakers are being marketed not just to the computing and television amplification crowd, but the mobile audience as well. We're now deeply embedded in a mobile universe, where a tablet or a smartphone is just as or more important to include in your device's marketing than a TV or a full-sized computer is. Keep an eye on Edifier in the near future for more future-thinking technology across the board.