ECODRIVE Bicycle Features Integrated Turn Signals, iPhone Dock

Evan Selleck - Nov 11, 2010, 1:39 pm CST
ECODRIVE Bicycle Features Integrated Turn Signals, iPhone Dock

We’ve seen what an iPhone dock in a Harley-Davidson would look like, but while listening to music your music through the speakers may be one thing, the integration between bike and iDevice wasn’t as complete as we would have liked. And that’s why we have concepts, and why we love them. This design concept is from designer Juil Kim, and it’s called the ECODRIVE. It’s a bicycle that features integrated lights, turning signals, and lets you dock your iPhone for good measure.

As anyone who rides a bike around their town or city knows, you’re told to always keep your hands on the bike’s handlebars for safety, but at the same time you’re forced to use your hands to signal which direction you want to turn, if you find yourself near vehicles. Thanks to Kim, you may be able to do that in the future without having to take your hands off the handlebars. Using controls on the bars themselves, you can signal when you’re turning left or right, and the bike even features a brake light.

As for the iPhone dock, it sits right in the middle, and integrates with the bike, so you can not only use your GPS for navigation while you’re riding around, but also play your music, as well as take phone calls. Integration like that means that the price of the bike, if it were to ever leave the concept stage, would probably be pretty high, but for people who use their bikes for work, or long distance travel, it may be worth the cash.

[via Yanko Design]

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