Hell’s Foundry DashLink Lets you Dock your iPod Touch on your Harley

Evan Selleck - Nov 8, 2010, 12:10 pm CST
Hell’s Foundry DashLink Lets you Dock your iPod Touch on your Harley

Considering how many iPod Touch/iPhone docks that are out there, people might have been wondering where on Earth we might see one pop up next. While the more traditional model, the one that sits on your desk or table, may be the more popular version floating around these days, there’s probably a few Harley-Davidson riders out there that would love to see a docking station on their ride. Thanks to Hell’s Foundry, it looks like your dreams are coming true, thanks to the DashLink.

Hell’s Foundry has announced that their brand new DashLink will be made available soon, and pre-orders have already begun. The DashLink replaces the stock fuel tank, and in the process adds an iPhone/iPod Touch dock that will securely hold your device in place. You’ll be able to use the device in an easily accessible fashion, which will let you check your GPS, listen to music, and whatever else you may need. You won’t have to worry about any wiring being exposed, as the installation makes sure to hide all of it. There’s the standard power connection, but the DashLink will also let you connect your bike’s speakers to the dock as well, making sure you can enjoy your music without headphones. And, thanks to the Bluetooth technology in the iPhone, you can use Bluetooth headsets or headphones, if you prefer.

If you own a FLH or FLT model Harley-Davidson, you’ll be able to control the volume by using the handlebar controls. Hell’s Foundry has also made sure that a power detection tool is in place, making sure that the DashLink is not powered on if the iPhone or iPod Touch is not connected. Once you connect your iDevice, the system will start up, and you’ll be able to use it accordingly. If you’re interested, and you have an FLHT/FLTR or FLHR model that’s from 1996 or newer, then you can go ahead and pre-order now. It will only cost you $400, and it’s due out in January of 2011.

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