Eco-friendly Superbus gets UAE trial [Video]

The allure of public transport is so often undermined by the scent of urine and dawdling performance, but the only people soiling themselves in the Dutch-made Superbus are likely to be those over-excited by its eco-friendly turn of electric speed. Capable of accommodating up to 23 passengers and still hitting 155kph (96mph), the lengthy carbon fiber and fiberglass vehicle is headed to Dubai next month.

A 300 kW electric motor powered by a Li-Ion battery array handles the grunt side of the equation, while there are sixteen doors along its 15m length. The whole thing is the brainchild of Wubbo Ockels, a green-power obsessed physicist and former astronaut.

While the Dutch government aren't entirely convinced by the Superbus project, it seems the UAE has no such qualms. The electric vehicle will apparently be running between Abu Dhabi and Dubai in trials from May 2011.

[via BornRich]