Eclipsion wall clock gives approximate time only

The geek and design world has its fair share of odd clocks and wristwatches. Generally, the things are very hard to read, and if you need the exact time, you may be out of luck. If you only need to know that it's about 4:30 and not that it's 4:35 you can get by with most of these clocks and watches though. A new wall clock concept has surfaced from designer Jay Jiwoong Baek and its cool looking. The Eclipsion Wall clock reminds me of what a Tokyoflash wall clock might look like.

The clock comes in white or black versions and has no numbers on the face. The hour hand has a large white circle on it, and the minute hand has a smaller circle with a black center. The idea is that the clock looks like a solar eclipse. The hands are so large that you will only get the approximate time though so this might not be the thing for the habitually punctual. That red dot is roughly at the 12 setting on the clock.

As the time changes the two hands near the eclipse spot giving the clock its name. This is an interesting design. Taking the circles out of the equation, it reminds me of a clock made from an old speaker and a Roomba. The design is a concept form right now, but I can see this thing in a fancy home office with modern decorations.

[via Design-milk]