Konect USB concept watch looks very Star Trek

If you like strange watches, Tokyoflash is the place you want to go. The site sells some odd watches that are often hard to read for most of us, but look so cool nonetheless. Tokyoflash has a blog as well and the company has a new concept watch posted on its blog called the Konect designed by Olivier Demangel. The watch has one of the most futuristic looks of any watch I have ever seen.

It reminds me of something that they would wear on Star Trek to keep in touch during an away mission. The watch has lights around the curved long side on the left that shows the hour and the blue circle shows the minutes. The button inside the minutes circle is multifunction and turns the MP3 player on and can answer and end Skype calls.

The big feature is the USB key that slips out of the watch to allow it to connect to your PC for using as a Skype communicator and for streaming music to the watch for you to listen to with headphones. The watch also has controls for skipping tracks and volume. The designer is hoping Tokyoflash will build the design.