eBay shows off its sleek new look

We already saw the redesign of the famous eBay logo last month, but that logo was just one part of a broader design overhaul. Today eBay is letting us have a sneak peek at the new look of its site, and like most everything else these days, the new eBay is sporting a sleek, modern look. This change isn't just cosmetic, however, as eBay has also overhauled the way we use the site in general.

Users will be getting a new homepage feed that looks quite similar to Pinterest, allowing them to see images of new items they may be interested in. eBay has also overhauled search results, and when users click on a item, they'll be taken to a streamlined product page that puts all of the details about the item front and center. The checkout process has also been streamlined, and users will soon have enhanced profiles to take advantage of, which allows them to share their favorite items with other eBay shoppers.

This redesign won't go live for a few more weeks, but eBay's new logo is going live on the site today. Also available today is a brand new mobile app called eBay Now (iTunes), which lets users buy products and have them delivered the same day. That's a big move for eBay, as it positions the auction site to better compete with Amazon. Sadly, eBay Now services are only available in San Francisco at the moment, but eBay says that it will be expanding into other markets shortly.

The times are changing, and eBay is showing us that its ready to change with them. The new eBay looks great, and we're excited to see eBay Now expand into additional markets after this initial launch in San Francisco. It's definitely a good time to be an eBay user, and this only seems like the beginning. Stay tuned.

[via eBay]