Easy Chair Ghoul gives friends a heart attack so you can die of laughter

Every year around Halloween, I always want to spend thousands of dollars on the cool gadgets and turn my house into a haunted one. However, somehow over the years I have missed these ghouls that pop out of different bits of furniture.

I must be slipping in my old age, I am all of 22 after all. I can't believe with all of my Halloween browsing that I could have missed these bad boys. This Easy Chair Ghoul has a 6'3" ghoul that pops out of the chair. They also feature one that pops out of a dining table, a tv, a bed, a cabinet, a crib, as well as many many more. Some are skeletons or the girl off of the exorcist, but you get the idea.

If I were rich I'd have all kinds of these things laying around. Luckily for my 14 year old sister who likes to stay the night now and then, I'm not. To get the Easy Chair Ghoul it costs $2, 885 and for the most part all of the other models of that type stay right around that price.

Easy Chair Ghoul lives under the seat [via newlaunches]