Earthrace super-trimaran gets stealth paint job

Remember Earthrace, the awesome carbon-fibre and Kevlar trimaran that was designed to take on powerboat speed-trials for round-the-world sailing?  In the few years since it debuted the $2.5m bio-diesel boat has been whipping around cracking world records; now it's going into its next job, acting as a stealthed support vessel for the Sea Shepherd anti-whaling organisation.

Now, mentioning Sea Shepherd usually kicks up all manner of argument about whether the organisation – which you could precis as a more aggressive version of Greenpeace – does more harm than good, but we're going to try to avoid that.  Instead let's all marvel at Earthrace's new paint-job, the trimaran having switched from silver to some seriously Batman-esque matte black.

Matte black is already passé in cars, but we reckon kick-ass speedboats can still get away with it.  Life have a few more pictures – including of the cabin, which has some new lime-green racing seats – but the really clever stuff is the paint, which apparently helps the Earthrace to not show up on radar.

[via BoingBoing]