Earin’s M-2 Earbuds challenge Apple AirPods for wireless dominance

Eric Abent - Jan 3, 2017, 1:47pm CST
Earin’s M-2 Earbuds challenge Apple AirPods for wireless dominance

Earin is looking to follow up on its M-1 wireless earbuds by introducing the next iteration, appropriately named the M-2, at CES 2017. These wireless earbuds give a fresh spin on the design of the M-1 earbuds, and are being revealed at a time when Apple’s own wireless AirPods are experiencing stock shortages. Can Earin capitalize on the short supply of AirPods?

The M-2 Earbuds are part of Earin’s True Wireless line and feature what it calls a “fasion-forward design.” The earbuds feature an interface on the tip that can be used for answering calls and navigating through music, meaning you don’t necessarily need to have your phone out to use them. Earin says that their unique shape “creates isolation from the outside world,” and that they’re the smallest and lightest earbuds available on the market.

That may or may not be a good thing, depending on how good you are at keeping track of your tiny valuables. For some folks, a major concern with wireless earbuds is the potential of them falling out and getting lost, which is a risk that grows the smaller these earbuds get. Earin mentions a magnetic docking capsule for the M-2 earbuds, so that may help you keep them secure when you’re not using them.

It’s unknown at this point if the docking case is the same one used for the M-1 earbuds, but it does seem somewhat likely. In any case, Earin says that the capsule will provide three hours of battery life with a single charge, which will translate to 12 hours music when used to charge the M-2s. Furthermore, Near Field Magnetic Induction by NXP Semiconductors and the M-2’s dual antenna should ensure a stable connection while they’re in use.

Earin says that the M-2 earbuds will be available in late Q1 2017, though doesn’t get more specific than that. Also missing from its announcement are any details on price, but considering the M-1s cost $199, it seems safe to expect a similar – if not higher – price point for these. Have a look at all of our CES 2017 stories for more from the show.

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